Feline obsessions

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Recently, our cat Cleo has developed a couple of obsessions:

Obsession 1 - the airing cupboard: We have an airing cupboard on the upstairs landing, housing the hot water tank, clean towels and a variety of cat-trapping voids and spaces. She has never shown a lot of interest in the cupboard until now, but suddenly it seems to have become her aim in life to get in there against all odds. As soon as you open the door, she appears from nowhere, desperately trying to get into the cupboard. Unfortunately we have to open the door a few times a day, because the only way to turn off the hot water coming out of the shower is to use the stopcock in the airing cupboard (it's a long story). Since we don't want Cleo in the cupboard because of the aforementioned clean towels and cat-trapping voids, we regularly have a fun few minutes wrestling with a squirming cat while soaking wet from the shower and trying to preserve our dignity with a towel.

Obsession 2 - Springwatch: Yes, that Springwatch. Again, she's never shown much interest in the TV before, but as soon as the birds turned up on Springwatch last night, she was stalking the TV, ending up sitting on the bench a few centimetres away from the screen, batting at the giant coal tit chicks on the webcam, and even -- in one highly inappropriate moment -- Bill Oddie's crotch. We saw most of the programme obscured by a furry, feline outline, then when it ended she gave a brief chirrup and wandered off to sleep.