Feeling deflated


A few days ago, I stepped on a wood staple in my Nike Air trainers. The inevitable happened, and my air reservoir got a puncture. I was a bit sceptical that the air thingy did anything at all, but now that I'm listing to starboard with a deflation induced limp, I can appreciate that they did actually have some purpose.

You might say, "Well, serves you right for wearing such over-rated, sweat-shop produced products of a sick capitalist society", and you'd be dead right. My only defence is that I was in Florida at the time. The plethora of huge malls, which are impossible to get out of once you're in, and the advantageous exchange rate confused me so much that I went into some kind of materialistic frenzy. I came out with the trainers, jeans, an armful of underwear and a slightly stunned expression.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a puncture repair kit of Nike trainers, do let me know.