Feed(ing) frenzy

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Following the transfer to ExpressionEngine to run this site, the hardest thing to get right has been the feeds. That's partly because they are inherently somewhat tricky, and also because caching in feed readers and browsers makes it very hard to debug.

Anyway, I think that I've got it sorted now. I've set up two ways to access the Wings Open Wide feeds, so that people subscribed to the old feeds should start to see content again (thanks to David of fuddland for the reminder that I'd broken it).

I've also set up a separate feed for the media section with my reviews in it which is here. For those of you who are feed junkies or just gluttons for punishment where my witterings are concerned, there's a bumper combo feed which I constructed using the excellent FeedDigest. This combines the feeds for my writing, my photographs, the links in the ma.gnolia list in the sidebar and the media reviews.

I no longer have a comments feed (though I could make one if anyone is interested), but when you comment with EE you can check a box to get it to email you when there's a follow-up. I think that's what most people used the comment feed for.