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I've just discovered Feedburner. It's a service which takes your RSS or Atom feed and splices in bits of other content or functionality. So — for example — you can produce a 'SmartFeed', which dynamically delivers the correct format (RSS, RDF or Atom) to a the reader, or you can splice in feeds for your last few flickr images. It's free, so I set one up out of curiosity, which you can find here. It's got the works; flickr photos, del.icio.us links, Amazon associate ID automagically added to any links to media items, and it's a SmartFeed. My only gripe is that it doesn't seem possible to show the full text of an entry in the feed, but perhaps I'm missing something. What do people think? I might provide this feed for a while to see if people prefer one giant feed to a number of more specific ones.