Feed issues now sorted out

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I had one or two problems with the Atom feed that happened just after I moved from Feedburner recently, but which were actually my own fault and nothing to do with that transition. During a previous update of Octopress, I think I must have forgotten to update the source for the Atom feed. I therefore didn’t have the latest version in which the contents of the feed are surrounded by CDATA blocks. The details aren’t important1, but I noticed when my feedreader didn’t show me the last two posts I had written. When I checked with the diagnostic tool provided by URI.LV I found that there was an error in the feed and it was not being parsed properly. It turned out to be because the accented characters in the title of a previous post — ‘Caffè Interruptus’ — was causing the problem.

To cut a long and tediously nerdy story short, I fixed the source file that generates the actual Atom feed so that it would wrap stuff up in CDATA blocks and make sure that everything is properly escaped, and all seems fine now. As a good side effect, it has also fixed the problem that images in the articles were not appearing in the feed: something I noticed a while ago, but hadn’t got around to sorting out.

I’m sure that this is interesting to no-one but me, but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone had noticed the odd mismatch between the feed and the site.

  1. Or in any way interesting. ↩︎