Favourite utilities


Recently, I've been trying out the latest release of WorkStrip 3.0, and thinking about what makes a good utility. I'm pretty profligate when it comes to downloading demos of software — I love trying out new stuff, putting it through its paces and testing it to destruction. However, utility applications have always made up the bulk of my software tryouts. Part of this is to do with wanting to make the working environment as efficient and comfortable as possible — a process akin to a dog or cat paddling around in its bed before settling down to sleep. MacOSX is great, but there are still quirks and glitches with the interface that make you wish something worked better (or differently). So, here are my favourite utilities. These are the few that have passed the 'indispensability test' — if I use another computer, reach instinctively for some shortcut then think, "Damn! No $x installed!", then $x = indispensable. I have yet to find the Holy Grail of utilities: The Thing That Does Everything. I suspect that it doesn't exist.

So what utilities do you rely on? MacOSX only please — although Windows users will almost certainly have died of boredom by now.