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I've been meaning to set up a favicon for this site for ages. For the uninitiated, that's the little image some sites load in the address bar in place of the generic globe, lightning flash or whatever your favourite browser uses. However, every time I tried to make a decent 16 x 16 image, it ended up — not to put too fine a point on it — like a muddy blob. Or a bloody mob. Not attractive, anyway.

Then I came across a link to Chami.com on del.icio.us, and decided to give it a go. You just choose an image on your computer, hit the 'Generate favicon.ico' button, and it's done. I used the same fruitbat image as in my header, and was amazed how well it turned out.

Safari took a bit of persuading to show the icon at first, so if you use Safari, you might need to quit and re-launch it before you see it.