Farewell Farscape


Regular readers may remember my addiction to the excellent Farscape — well now it's all over. I watched my recording of the last (probably last ever) episode earlier in the week, but I was so overcome by gloom at never seeing another new episode that it's only now that I feel ready to write about it.

The last one was a total and utter classic in the Farscape mould. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet, but regular viewers will know that if it looks as if there'll be a happy ending, it's a sure sign that something really dreadful is about to happen. Everything looked like it was coming together and then everything fell apart.

Oh, I'll miss it so much. Farscape has been an oasis of intelligent, funny, shocking, innovative and truly wonderful viewing for 4 years or so. In tribute, I'll carry on swearing Farscape style and referring to popcorn as 'copporn' (Rygel never did quite get to grips with English). I like to think that it's marginally less geeky than speaking Klingon, but I might be deluding myself.