FAB Art Exhibition

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Mr. Bsag managed to get one of his prints into a one-day art exhibition, sponsored by the Yorkshire Bank: FAB, or Future Art Birmingham. I went along with him for the evening, which was held on the 12th floor of the bank, with fabulous views over central Birmingham, as you can see in the photo.

There was some really good art on display, and an auction was held for a couple of pieces, with some of the proceeds going to help fund the new Children's Hospital. It was fun chatting to all the artists there, as well as representatives of the bank and other city types. Many of the artists (or hangers-on like me) wanted to buy each others' work, but we are all too poor to afford it! Everyone had name badges, with the artists being labelled as such, but it was hardly necessary. I don't think I've ever seen so many sharp suits in one place at a time. The artists (and their hangers-on -- particularly me) were completely scruffy by comparison.

Anyway, it was good fun, and we took full advantage of the fancy canapés and free wine on offer, as well as the wonderful views -- you don't often get a chance to see Birmingham at night from the 12th floor.