Mr. Bsag has an exhibition of his paintings at the Far From The Madding Crowd pub in Oxford, so we got up at an unreasonably early hour to go and hang them up. Several hours later, and with a great deal of "up a bit, no--down a bit" business, we finally got about 26 paintings hung and labelled.

It was great to see them all hanging in such a big space. At home, we can only see a couple hanging together, and can only view them from a couple of metres away, so it makes a huge difference to see them in a big group and from a greater distance. Anyway, if anyone happens to be in Oxford, do go and visit the Far From The Madding Crowd (down the saucily-named Friar's Entry, between the Odeon cinema and Borders). It's a nice pub, and you might like the paintings. If you see a ginger-haired, short-ish man in there, say the magic word and he might even buy you a pint.