Emerging from the boxes

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Well, we're installed in our new house, and just beginning to emerge from the piles of boxes. We've put together more Ikea furniture than I care to think about, some of which went together nicely, and some which we had to battle with. Just don't mention wardrobes to me for a while...

It's been completely exhausting, stressful, and it seems to have gone on for quite a while. None of it was made any easier by my discovery (a few days before we were due to move) that I have a medical problem I didn't know about. It's fairly serious (though not life-threatening, as long as I do something about it promptly), but it might require surgery, and therefore has the potential to scupper various short and long-term plans. So, it's been a fairly weird couple of weeks.

On the bright side, we have a lovely new house. It will take a little while before we get it exactly the way we like it, but it feels great to actually be able to make changes: something very new for us, because we've only rented before. In our old rented place, I had a tiny room for an office, which was very cramped with two computers in, faced a busy road and was rather gloomy. I now have a lovely large room (which doubles as a guest room with a sofa bed in it), and I'm looking out of the window now, while typing this, at little flocks of blue tits and sparrows foraging around in the trees that surround our garden. Better still, there's enough room for two proper desks and chairs, so Mr. Bsag and I don't have to fight for ownership of the only chair any more. We've also got a lovely little garden and conservatory, both of which are lovely to sit in in the evening and watch the sun go down with a cold beer or glass of wine. In fact, I might just have to go and do just that right now.

If any of you are waiting for an email reply, I'm gradually working through the backlog and will try to reply as soon as I can.