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I had a dream the other night in which Mr. Bsag and I had not long moved into a new house (in reality, the last house we lived in, not the present one). We were in bed, asleep, in the early hours of the morning, when we got a phone call. It was Ben and Mena Trott, of Movable Type fame, and Ben was crying. He told me that they were the previous occupants of the house, and -- by some mischance -- they had left the only remaining copy of the source code^1^ of Movable Type on an old computer in the house. He pleaded with me to make a copy and send it to him, but I had to tell him that we had got rid of the computer when we moved into the house. He was inconsolable, and I felt really bad about it.

My subconscious is weird sometimes.

^1^ Yes, I know that since everyone who uses Movable Type has the source code, this can't possibly have been true, but it was a dream and therefore not big on logical consistency.