Doctor Who improving

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After really not enjoying the first series of Doctor Who with David Tennant, I've liked this series a lot more. I thought that Freema Agyeman was pretty terrific as Martha Jones, and somehow the change of companion meant that I was making fewer unfavourable comparisons with the Eccleston/Piper pairing. Some of the episodes have been a little lame, but there have also been some cracking ones.

I thought that Blink in particular was really good -- almost M. R. James quality shivers. I won't give the plot away, but it involved statues of weeping angels (think of Victorian statues in Highgate cemetery), which moved only when you weren't looking at them, but could move in the fraction of a second that it takes you to blink. It was really classically scary stuff, because all the horror was implied -- you never even saw anything move, but the creepiness was outstanding.

Mr. Bsag phoned me half way through the episode, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. He then had to suffer a completely incoherent one-sided conversation from me, as I tried to explain the plot without taking my eyes off the screen or pausing for breath:

"There'sthesestatuesandthey'realiveandtheymovewhenyou'renotlooking... Raaahrgggh!!They'recomingdon'tlookaway!"

Great stuff.

The two-part Human Nature/The Family of Blood was also very good (and rather moving, but I'm a sucker for anything set at the time of the First World War), and the final two episodes were very dramatic. When Derek Jacobi said "I. Am. The Master", it raised all the hairs on my neck. And Captain Jack was back - yay!

There was one odd thing though: was it just me, or did the last two episodes have very strongly Christian overtones? I suddenly thought, "Hey, they've stolen this plot from the Bible!" Again, trying not to give away the plot completely, there was a person walking the earth spreading the word about an individual who saves people without them knowing, there was a Judas character, and even a resurrection of sorts.