Death and showman


So, in the end Gunther von Hagens didn't get arrested at his little freakshow, I mean educational event.

Should he have been arrested? It's true that the the average member of the public (if there is such a thing) has a shocking lack of knowledge about his or her own body. This must contribute to health problems and to exacerbate fear when something goes wrong. If a doctor tells you that your spleen is damaged and may have to be removed - and you don't know what the hell your spleen is or whether you can live without it - it's very frightening. So better knowledge of anatomy and medicine can only be a good thing.

But... It's obvious to anyone with a brain (still in their skull and not removed with a hacksaw and a spoon) that von Hagens was in this for the publicity, whatever he says. The "Bodyworlds" logo on his gown was a bit of a give away, to be honest. And that can't be right.