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John Gruber has written a brilliantly clear and helpful tutorial for using CVS with BBEdit. I had been looking around for a good basic tutorial for a while, but most seemed to concentrate on using CVS from a remote location, rather than locally. It really is handy, especially with HTML files, where there's a lot of potential to break something quite badly.

What I would really like is a similar system for word processing documents. I'm pretty much forced to use Microsoft Word at work for collaborative writing, but the 'Track Changes' feature is a bit clunky to use. If heavy editing goes on, the document ends up as a mass of underlined or struck through text in several colours, which gives you a headache even before the editing process does. If I could only persuade all my colleagues to write in LaTeX, I could use BBEdit or Vim and CVS, and I would be a happy little geek bunny. Sigh.

[via Mac Net Journal ]