Comfort and joy

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As you'll probably have guessed from the lack of posts around here, I've had a madly busy few weeks. Deadlines played their favourite game of hiding round a corner sniggering, and then all jumping out onto me at once, yelling, "Surprise!!" They haven't quite gone away yet, but things have slowed down a notch from mad to merely busy.

Anyway, one of the things I had on was a short workshop, at which I was speaking. For one reason or another, it was pretty intense intellectually, and because I was talking about (for me) a relatively new area, my confidence was quite low. It was really interesting, and I caught up with some old friends as well as meeting new people, but a few days of stretching both my brain and my confidence to its limits took its toll. I was exhausted.

When I walked back in the door late at night and hugged Mr. Bsag hello, I felt incredibly relieved. One of the rarely acknowledged joys of a long-term stable relationship is the comfort and stability you get from knowing that there's one person in the world with whom you can totally relax. Whatever else may be going on, you know that you can walk in the door into another world and leave everything else outside for a while.