Christmas cheer

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I've just got back from the annual 'Black Country Beer Bash' that some friends run every year. We all meet up at a nice pub in the Black Country and drink lots of real ale and eat mountains of food. Mr. Bsag and I haven't made it for a couple of years because of the inconvenience of distance, so we hadn't been to this particular pub before.

The Olde White Rose has more real ale pump handles than I've ever seen outside a beer festival — it's wonderful. The hardier souls cycled up the the Black Country, while those of us who are wimps or have no balance on our recumbent bicycles after a couple of shandies took public transport.

I decided to stick to Belgian beers, as they had quite a good selection, and ended up with a Gouden Carolus Tripel. It wasn't until after I ordered it that I discovered it was 9% ABV. Phew. Strength notwithstanding, it was a lovely drink, with an orangey, spicy taste, and a note of violets somewhere around. It's worth seeking out if you have any Belgian beer outlets near you, but just don't drink too many or even public transport will become a challenge.