Checkout delays


Winter is dribbling in. Today is one of those days when Britain exhibits its ability to produce really world class drizzle. By this I mean rain that isn't sufficiently forceful to be exciting, but just enough to make you thoroughly wet and miserable. Mr. Butshesagirl and I had to go into town this morning, and Cornmarket Street was a sea of umbrellas, grey puddles and grim faces.

While we were in the tiny branch of Sainsbury's searching vainly for veggie sausages, there was an announcement on the public address system: "We apologise for the delays customers are currently experiencing at the tills". There was a pause, and for one glorious moment, I thought that she might be about to blame 'leaves on the line' for the wait. But no, it turned out to be "a technical fault" - probably the barcode scanner had got bored with going beep (see Eddie Izzard sketch about the short attention span of supermarket barcode scanners).