Ch-ch-ch-changes. Small ones.

· technology ·

David mentioned that my main feed (the one linked by the RSS 1.0 button in the sidebar) was only showing the main part of the entry, and not the continuation that you see if you click the "More..." link at the bottom of some entries. It really wasn't supposed to be like that, and for ages, I'd been convinced that it showed everything but the comments. Anyway, I've put that right now, and the feed shows the entire post. Next time I'll remember to actually subscribe to my feed myself so that I can see if it's working...

This prompted me to fix another annoyance with the site. I've now allowed HTML and Textile in the comments, which I'm sure many people will heave a sigh of relief over. I was getting irritated myself by not being able to construct decent links in the comments. A side effect is that you can't just leave a blank line to start a new paragraph. The easiest thing to do is to use the Textile markup of `p. ' (without the quotes) before your new paragraph.

I did also try to see if I could get the search box in the sidebar to search comments as well as entries, but I couldn't find a solution — does anyone know how to do this?