Today seemed to be one of those days when everything broke down. The University's network connection with the rest of the world was down for most of the day, which meant disaster — now we had no displacement activity to put off the awful business of work itself. It's amazing how much you miss just being able to do a quick Google. I kept saying things like, "Hang on, I'll just look it up...", and getting to the point of having hands poised over the keyboard before I realized that I wasn't actually going to get anywhere. Bah.

Then I got home to find that the burst water main in our road — which I noticed on the way to work — had still not been fixed, and we had no water. So after a sweaty bike ride back from work, I had to mop myself down with a cupful of water we had in a bottle somewhere. We're trying to decide what we can cook for dinner that doesn't require water. Now would probably be a good time to go out and get a pizza to eat from the box.

Update — Just to reinforce the bad karma flying around today, I had to reconstruct this post from memory. Of course, this was one of the very rare occasions that I had decided to type directly into the web interface, rather than editing in Tinderbox. I posted it then something weird and random happened and the post just disappeared after actually being published to the static site. So if you briefly saw an earlier version, I hope that I've more or less got the content right. Lesson number 1: always enter posts via Tinderbox, then you have a backup if the gremlins strike.