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We've got a whiteboard up in the office with a list on it of all the little jobs we have to do around the house. A day or so ago, one of the items was "Bodge shoe storage". Now, I find that quite impressive: we've only been at this DIY game for a week, and already we've progressed to bodging.

Actually, it worked out quite well. We had some drawer units (from Ikea, naturally) that we used to use inside our wardrobes for clothes storage. They were a fairly simple construction, with a wooden frame and slots for plastic bins to use as drawers. We kept one of the drawers at the top for keys, wallets and other ephemera that you need close to the front door, then cut pieces of plywood as shelves to store our shoes. It looks pretty good, but has that crucial, slightly bodged, 'we made this', Blue Peter-ish vibe.