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I've just signed up to a new service (currently in beta, natch) called blippr. You've probably already guessed from the missing 'e' that blippr is a social web service. It offers 'Radically Short Ratings and Reviews' for books, films, games and music. The idea is that you 'blip' items, rating them on a four-point scale and writing a short review if you like. It's a little like Twitter in that you only get 160 characters for your reviews, which is both a good and bad thing. If I really like something, I want more space than that to write about it, but on the other hand, I often put off writing about stuff I listened to, watched or read in my media section, because it will take too long to write a full review.

The real benefit is that -- when a few more people have signed up -- it should provide a great way for people with tastes you admire to recommend things you would probably enjoy. I've also started using it as a wishlist to note down things I'd like to get see, read or listen to. I tend to read reviews and get interested in something, then forget to note it down anywhere.

I've only just started using it, but it's interesting so far. My profile is here, and if you'd like to try blippr for yourself, I have 3 invitations to give away.