Because you're an idiot

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There's a great article in Thursday's Guardian in Ben Goldacre's Bad Science column about the kind of pseudo-scientific jargon you see on beauty products. I quote:

Our noble bad science spotter Carl Brancher sends important news of PO2 Contour Cream from Laboratoires Herzog: it's a "patented stabilisation of oxygen within a cream" that "puts oxygen back into the skin, reoxygenates skin cells, encourages natural rejuvenation". It sounds like bollocks; but it smells like peroxide. Especially since Laboratoires Herzog point out, in the small print, that you will want to keep the stuff off your eyebrows. Now, I'm not sure that this is going to put any useful oxygen in my skin, because I've got a perfectly adequate circulatory system to handle that; but more importantly, I'm not sure that peroxide is quite what I'm looking for on my face. For £25.

To which I can only say — well said, that man. I'm always yelling at the screen when the latest face cream is advertised as having 'advanced activated liposomes' or some such thing. It's just a fancy word for fat — you could get more or less the same effect by rubbing your face with cooking oil. Pah.