Bad taste brain

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I was extremely nervous about something I had to do at work today. I really don't want to go into details (apart from anything else, I don't want to re-live today), but I will say that it involved wearing smart clothes--highly unusual in my universe. This meant that I had to get the bus in to work, and was standing at the stop in the cold, nerves all a-jangle. It wasn't long before a song started going through my head (I hadn't put my iPod on yet). I listened with absolute horror, as "Don't stop me now" by Queen played on with dreadful clarity.

Me: Hey, Brain! "So don't stop me now don't stop me /'Cause I'm having a good time/having a good time"... Are you nuts? I am *really* not having a good time at the moment, and frankly, I think that your choice of music is rather insensitive. Brain: I was just trying to pep you up a bit--it's a cheery song! Me: Well, just stop it. Can't you play something else? Brain: OK, what about "The Bare Necessities"? Me: NO! No Jungle Book, no eighties rock, OK? Brain: Pfft. You're no fun.

Sometimes I think that the old idea of a homunculus inside your head and making executive decisions for you, makes a lot of intuitive--but absolutely no scientific--sense. If I do have a homunculus, it has appalling taste in music.