Aurora photography

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I came across some spectacular photographs of the Aurora borealis on Astronomy North. I've been fascinated by the Aurora since I was a child, and it's a long-held ambition of mine to actually see it in person at some point (borealis or australis, I'm not fussy about my Auroras). I've been in Scotland a couple of times when there has been a brief display, but I missed it both times, which really annoyed me. I just know that if I booked a holiday specifically to view the Aurora, my visit would coincide with a freakishly Aurora-free period, so I'm relying on chance.

Ideally, I'd love to be somewhere out in the wilds of Norway at night, minding my own business, then find myself enveloped by shifting curtains of light completely unexpectedly. Judging by the photographs, being beside a large, still lake would be even better.