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Well my DNS has propagated now, and it seems as if my move between hosts has been relatively uneventful. I think that I've put everything back more or less where it belongs, but if you spot anything that's broken, missing, or not where you expect it to be do let me know.

My move wasn't prompted by dissatisfaction with my previous host, Blogomania. They have been great hosts: reliable, great value and — apart from a small blip a few months ago which is now resolved — giving great support. I've recommended them to people in the past, and would do so again — they are a very safe bet. The problem was that I want to do some more Ruby and Rails development^1^, and to produce live web applications rather than ones that just run on my local machine. Most good hosting companies (including Blogomania) provide great PHP support, but very few support Ruby.

TextDrive are a relatively new hosting company, but they already have a stupendous reputation. They are chock-full of technological goodness, but what really attracted me was the full Ruby support — not just for Ruby scripts, but also for running Rails applications and even installing Instiki on your server.

There are some major alpha geeks involved, and while I know that I'm nowhere near being in their league, I'm very happy to sit on their server and gaze adoringly up at them, as glowing halos of ones and zeros encircle their heads^2^. They also give terrific (and friendly) technical support, and sorted out my minor glitches with patience and efficiency. So, I'm here in my new home and having enormous fun rummaging around in the cupboards and trying out the satellite TV. I'm looking forward to doing some fun things with Ruby here.

I've only moved hosts twice, but both times I've felt slightly as if someone I'm very fond of is travelling in a remote and slightly dangerous region, out of range of the normal means of communication. When you finally get the phone call to say that they've arrived safely, it's quite a relief.

^1^ I'm hoping to build Mr. Bsag a proper content management system for his art site. In fact, I solemnly promised, so I don't want to cause marital disharmony.

^2^ Sorry. I'm getting a little over-excited.