Apple music stuff

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Lots of exciting audio related things from Apple were announced yesterday. I had an orgy of installing and downloading, and what follows are my first impressions of the software:

I'm sure that Apple probably had to fight tooth and nail with the shambling dinosaur that is the recording industry to even get that far, but I still feel a bit like Oliver Twist:

[Me, shyly approaching Apple with my credit card cradled in my outstretched hands]: Please sir, can I buy some music?

[Apple, roaring incredulously]: Whaat? Buy some music? From Britain? Absolutely not! Now go away you cheeky urchin!

[I start to walk away and then screw my courage up and turn back — still holding out credit card beseechingly]: Please sir, could I perhaps also buy some prints online and order a Book from iPhoto?

[Apple, enraged now, throws an empty CD case at me]: Grraaaarrr!!

[I exit, stage left, to go and press my nose up against the window of the sweet shop.]