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Some Apple-related interested news today:

  • New iBooks — Apple have announced a speed bump for the iBook. They now have 900 chunks worth of megahertzy goodness, plus larger hard drives. I love the new AlBooks, but I'm still very fond of the iBook. I think it's something about the shiny, snowy look. And the Linux geeks love 'em. [via MacNetJournal]
  • Panther rumours — some interesting speculation about what might appear in the next revision of MacOSX. Fast user switching would be very welcome. (Mr. Bsag and I spend a lot of time waiting for each other's applications to quit or restart when we log each other in and out. I share everything with my hubby except a user environment — what he does with a desktop is shocking. And don't even get me started on his desktop picture...) The 'piles' idea sounds intriguing too, but did they have to give it such a "Carry On" name? It reminds me less of a feature of a modern, go-ahead operating system and more of elderly people queuing at the chemist for some ointment. [via ext|circ]