Another classic BSAG moment


As regular readers will know, my nom de keyboard of 'bsag' and the title of this blog both refer to the look which comes over someone's face (usually male) when I exhibit signs of knowing something about technical matters (see my About page for more details).

I had a classic example of BSAG earlier this week when I had to contact some heating engineers about our boiler. We've dealt with these particular people before, and they are great: they are nice guys, do good work and charge a reasonable price. However, they really don't seem able to handle the fact that -- while neither Mr. Bsag and I are experts on heating systems -- I know a bit more about it than my husband. I started to explain what I thought the problem was, but they asked if they could speak to Mr. Bsag. I could have put my foot down, but since I'd dealt with them before (an experience very similar to those experienced by Arabella Weir's 'Invisible Woman' character on the Fast Show), I knew that it was a losing battle.

So I handed the phone over, and we had a farcical exchange where the heating engineers would ask Mr. Bsag some technical question on the phone, he would ask me, I would answer, and he would tell the engineers what I'd just said. It worked out OK in the end, because they came and fixed the problem (which was indeed a faulty control board, as I'd thought), but it would have been a bit easier if they'd actually believed that I knew what I was talking about. Sigh.