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For a while, I've been looking for a way to include images of the covers of CDs that I mention or books that I've read, without getting in to copyright issues. I heard about the Amazon Associates Programme, which would allow me to do just this, with the pleasant side-effect that if anyone buys something after following the link to Amazon on my page, I'll get a small percentage of the selling price of the item. I'm under no illusions that it will make me even slightly rich (particularly given my slightly eccentric taste in music), but it might provide a few quid to offset my hosting fees a little. Unfortunately, it will only work with, which isn't much use for people outside the UK. I've set it up now, so if you're interested in the Sheila Chandra CD, just click the image to go to Amazon's site.

I'm not into advertising for the sake of it (even if it makes me money), so I won't be linking to any CDs that I don't own and listen to, books that I haven't read or DVDs that I haven't watched.