Am I so predictable?


For the first time ever, I took a look at the "Your Store" tab on Amazon. Here are Amazon's picks for me.

The first four are fairly obvious as I'd ordered other books from them on Dreamweaver MX and Python. But the others are just plain spooky. I'd already asked my brother for the LOTR box set for Christmas, I watched Gosford Park and was glued to 24 when it was on TV. Even the Star Wars is something I would like if it wasn't so crap. But as far as I remember, I haven't ordered anything related to these, or even looked at them on the site.

Deeply worrying. There seem to be two possible explanations: either I'm so predictable that my likes and dislikes can be summed up by a simple algorithm (or one word - dork), or they've been peeking through my curtains and following me to the cinema. Spooky. Still, being told what I like is so much less bother than having to form my own opinions.