All hail to President Steve


I wouldn't be able to hold my hand up and call myself a MacGeek if I hadn't spent the best part of last night peering at a rather wibbly, randomly-morphing stream from the WWDC 'SteveNote' in San Francisco. So — where's the beef? Others have done a better job than I could of being timely and exhaustive, so here are my random thoughts:

  • Safari 1.0 and Safari SDK: I think Safari is one of the nicest, and fastest-developing browsers I've ever used, so it's great to see it hit 1.0. I think that we'll be seeing some interesting new applications using the Safari SDK too. Applications like CSSEdit will now be able to show accurate instant previews of HTML within the application itself.
  • Panther: Thank goodness we'll never have to listen to Steve mangle the word 'Jag-wire' again. The new Finder looks as if it might have quite a few much needed improvements. I personally don't mind the metal interface, as long as it's in small quantities. Applications with acres of metal look ugly. Labels make a welcome return, and the fast searching is great. Steve likened the column on the left to the playlists column in iTunes, but I didn't see anything that might allow you to make what would amount to a playlist of files which have been modified today, or which contain the word "chapter". That would be really useful. Perhaps it's coming.
  • Preview: Another welcome speed bump for a vital application. Preview is currently pretty slow, but Acrobat is even slower. Steve Jobs is so slick; when his demo of Preview started scrolling uncontrollably, he made some crack that at least he could scroll uncontrollably through the document several times before you had got through once with Acrobat. Heh.
  • Exposé: Ooo. It's quite funny when you're watching a stream of something like this, because the audio tends to carry on while the video stalls. So when Steve demonstrated minimizing all the windows instantly, I couldn't see anything, but heard the whoops and hollers of the audience. I was thinking, "What is it? What does it do? I want to see it!". I use Virtual Desktop for this kind of thing, but I must admit, it's pretty smart.
  • Fast user switching: Woo-hoo! This is great, and will be a huge time saver. The cry, "Can I log you out?" is frequently heard chez bsag.
  • G5: Mmmm — perforations. Unlike Dan Hon, I don't think the new G5 is ugly, though the front elevation does look slightly unbalanced with the drive right at the top. I quite like the ultra-industrial look. The speed increase and architecture change sounds incredible, and should shut up those moaning about Macs being slow for 5 minutes or so. In the video extolling the virtues of the G5, I liked the way that the IBM guy was starched to the nines in jacket and tie, while everyone else was polo necks and casual shirts (a rare fashion comment from me — spend it wisely).
  • One more thing... Where are my piles?