After-work jazz


Modern Art Oxford (née Museum of Modern Art) has been running regular contemporary music gigs in its basement café in the early evening. We've come to it rather late, as next week is the last gig, but we made it to see the jazz trio Stekpanna yesterday. I was running late at work, so I arrived to meet Mr. Bsag all a-fluster, but once I had settled down the gig was a perfect anti-stress tonic. We grabbed a beer and settled down to listen to the mellow, groovy sound of Stekpanna. Nice[1].

The band are an Anglo-Scandianavian outfit, and played all their own compositions--helpfully, they explained the background behind each tune, which is always good with instrumental pieces, or those with Danish titles. Dogs seemed to play an unusually large part as muses. Mads used to have a dog who grew grossly fat by begging scraps from a local restaurant, and Steve has a new and very excitable springer spaniel puppy called Hebe. You're probably miles ahead of me, but the latter lead to a tune called, 'Hebe's Hebe-Jeebies'.

Stekpanna were great, and I can't think of a nicer way to end the working day: a cool beer, some cool jazz and some stories about fat dogs.

[1] Sorry, I couldn't resist. People who have never seen The Fast Show won't have the first idea what I'm talking about. Which is nothing new.