Adventures on a recumbent, Part 2

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I had my second fun ride (ie. not to work) on the Kingcycle today. Mr. Butshesagirl and I devised a fun, but not too hilly route, trying to avoid very busy roads. Then we just got out the door with the bikes when the rain started. Why does that always happen?

We doggedly carried on, but decided to truncate the route a bit. I've discovered a couple of things about recumbent riding. 1) You can go flippin' fast on the flat without much energy expenditure. We got onto a bit of flat cycle path, and before I knew it, my speedo was reading 20 mph, and I was going "Wheeeee!". 2) Hills are tricky. Of course, any human-powered vehicle is only as good as its engine, and mine is a bit knackered. I've never liked hills (in the upward direction), and I see no need to start liking them now. My problem at the moment is that very steep hills require me to go into the very bottom gear, and there's nowhere to go from there but get off. The gears are slightly out too, so the rear mech unexpectedly jumps from 1st to 3rd gear, ruining my nice steady cadence. That's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it. 3) Hill starts in a big gear are nearly impossible.

Still, the whole thing was fun, despite the rain, especially the long, swoopy bends.

Today's shouted comments, from teenagers crossing the road:

"She rocks! Are you going in for the Olympics? [To which I answered, yes, of course] That's a BAD bike! [By which they meant good. I think]