A new site for the GTD application


Since the comment form automatically closes after 14 days, I thought it would be good to build a more permanent home for the GTD application, and any news, comments or download links connected to it. The new site is here, and there's also a wiki where I've started to collect the tips for installation that people posted in comments on this site. Feel free to add your own! I've also added a GPL license, so that it's clear to everyone what they are free to do with the application (almost anything, as it turns out).

The site itself is a bit basic at the moment, but I'll spruce it up when I get time. One thing that definitely needs a spruce up is the name of the application itself — or rather, the lack of a proper name. Can anyone suggest a snappy new title for it? It can't conflict with any existing application, and I'd like it to reflect the fact that it's about GTD and also that it's built with Rails.

Happy Christmas!