A gift of poetry


Like many women, I have occasional bouts of gloomy dissatisfaction with the shape of my body. Some of this is due to a slight insecurity, and some to utter frustration with the manufacturers of women's clothing, who seem to think that women are basically cylindrical like men. Mr. Bsag--who is always telling me that proper women are supposed to be my shape--found the perfect poem for me; it's called A Homage to My Hips, and is by Lucille Clifton. I can't imagine a nicer gift--the poem is a wonderful celebration of the body. I found a page on which you're supposed to be able to listen to Lucille reading her poem, but I didn't have any luck with the RealOne audio file. That's a shame, as I'd love to hear her reading it.

I'm going to copy it out and pin it up beside the mirror to remind myself to be proud of my shape.

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