A bit of the good life

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We went away for the weekend to see some friends and celebrate a 40th birthday (not mine, I'm glad to say). It was a brilliant weekend, and any time in which the six of us weren't eating wonderful food, drinking or laughing (or all three) was spent in our friends' new hot tub. Just before we went out for the best curry I've ever had in my life, we were lounging in the hot tub, drinking champagne. The following exchange occurred:

So, are you OK?

[Huge grin on his face, glass of bubbly in hand] Weeelll, I've been worse.…

No kidding. I think we've all been worse, and it was pretty nice to spend a weekend being much better. It made me realise how lucky I am; not just to know someone who owns a hot tub, but to have such a nice bunch of people to spend time with.