101 uses for Project Builder


MacOSXHints had a great hint about using Project Builder (free on the Developer CD that comes with Jaguar) as a kind of scratchpad/organiser. I'm a devotee of Tinderbox, but in the interests of geeky research, I gave it a go. You know what? It's a crazy idea, but it really works! If you're short of cash and need something to organise your scribbles and notes, give it a try. You can either store your text files and so on in the project folder or just make a reference to the file and keep it where it is. I also found that you can drag URL clippings into the project, then control-click the clipping and choose 'Open in Finder'. It then opens the URL in your browser. The find feature is excellent, and you can navigate around using the keyboard. Try this: command-0 to put the focus on the Project window, then start typing the name of the file you want. When it's highlighted, hit return and you are in the editing window. Cool!